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Alejandra Aranda
Chair, Latin America Region

Latin America Region

Recruiters Seek Innovators to Reset National Economies

With the end of the “golden decade” of high commodity prices, national economies in Latin America currently face the challenge of adapting to a new reality in order to recover economic growth.

Although the region as a whole is barely growing, there are important differences within. While Brazil is experiencing a severe recession in the mist of acute political problems, Argentina has moved to integrating with the world economy.  This will certainly benefit her in the medium term in spite of the pain accompanying liberalizing reforms.

Economies that had important growth in the past five to ten years, such as Chile, Peru and Colombia, have been affected the most by the lower commodities prices, in particular for copper and oil.

These regions must take a new direction based on productivity and innovation.

These developments present Latin America with a big opportunity for growth by closing the gap with more advanced economies.  This requires appropriate economic policies.  Some, such as education, will have an effect in the long run.  Others, such as investment in public infrastructure, will impact the short to medium term time frame.  The important decision is to act now.

As talent hunters and recruiters, we have to keep foremost in mind the national need for productivity and innovation when seeking new talent. People with an inclination to take risks, innovate and make a change are the target

They will help to make the difference at the micro level that will sustain the productivity gains necessary to put Latin America back into a high growth mode without dependence upon commodities

April 2016


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