The world is becoming an increasingly global, digital and volatile place.  As technology advances at high speed, the average lifespan of companies shortens (from 45 years to 10 in the last six decades) and Boards and executive management are seeking to future-proof their organizations. This has led to the identification of criteria defining “Agile Talent”, a highly adaptable workforce capable of enabling companies to achieve the objectives of tomorrow.

The key deliverable is a selection process that will give a better predictability of future success of targeted candidates.

The aim within this practice group is to identify the best and most qualified agile talent available and advise our customers on such questions as:

  • What are the selection factors for future-proof talent?
  • How can I tell whether a candidate who shows the hallmarks of an ‘agile’ talent will match the company’s culture and strategic priorities?
  • Are there tools available to help me make objective decisions regarding my selection? Which tools yield better predictions for future success?
  • How can I spot agile talent already working for my company and how do I retain these talented people?

Our Agile Talent practice group is led by Ralf Knegtmans, author of the latest book on the subject and a recognized thought leader. He has designed an interview and feedback process which allows this practice group to assist clients in being more objective and making better talent selections.

The group draws upon senior practitioners in 35 countries around the world. Members of Cornerstone International Group are owner-managers of their firms and established in their local and regional markets. They understand the importance of focused, personal attention to each specific client challenge, while benefitting from the exchange of best practices among peers.

For more information, please contact one of our Agile Talent Practice Group leaders:

Ralf Knegtmans

Cornerstone Amsterdam

Laurie O'Donnell

Cornerstone Vancouver