Career Navigators

Cornerstone has been providing career navigation services to candidates since 1989. We help our clients build an organization of informed, able people who will lead their firms in their goal of becoming global leaders in their fields. We believe career navigation will optimize your investment in your staff as well as enhance your reputation of being an outstanding employer.

Top 6 Coaching Needs We Solve:

Companies engage Cornerstone to facilitate in the transition of employees from the firm with dignity. We also coach them through the job search process.

Our systematic process helps individuals successfully transition to new opportunities, including reemployment, self-employment/entrepreneurial ventures, consulting, and retirement.

About Cornerstone’s Outplacement Services

It is a personally tailored Career Transition Program with a well-organized and complete approach; your staff can:

  • Get help from an expert on resume and professional identity
  • Experience a proactive, positive frame of mind for your staff
  • Learn how to strategically leverage and grow their personal and professional network
  • Gain insight into working with recruiters
  • Develop ways to find a job that is right for them
  • Develop skills to manage change and transition
  • Receive guidance on sharpening interview skills
  • Perfect the art of successful salary negotiations
  • Explore entrepreneurial endeavors, including starting their own business/consultancy
  • Create a plan to shift from full-time work into semi-retirement/retirement

Working together, we help your people remain your brand advocates, regardless of their career direction. 

Why Choose Cornerstone Career Navigator Service? Because Cornerstone will make a tangible difference:

  1. Our clients can access each coaching assignment globally, with an accessible dashboard for tracking progress. 
  2. We provide a tailored approach to aid executives & senior managers until they land with their next career decision. 
  3. Cornerstone provides a structured step-by-step approach to mentor your staff so that they can find their next career option faster. We leverage AI, job boards, and insights available in each market to help candidates identify opportunities in the market more quickly. 
  4. Cornerstone will make available the customized support of dedicated Career Coaches that fit your departing employees’ requirements. 
  5. These assigned consultants and coaches will provide a genuine and personal approach and concern for both the well-being of your HR team and the departing employees.
  6. Your departing employees will have access to comprehensive, mobile-friendly participant tools as well as a step-by-step job search guide and workbook
  7. Cornerstone can provide group workshops or online webinars to sharpen interview skills and support resume writing. Your employees can have access to job boards, and career options for job research.

Your Business Manager needs help. 

Give your HR leaders and business heads the support they need. The company’s reputation goes with the employee and the community for life. A ZERO RISK outplacement program not only protects your reputational brand but enhances it. Your remaining employees will enhance your business here, now, and for the foreseeable future.

Treating departing staff well will motivate your remaining employees to perform better for the company’s sustainable success.

We provide career support to executives & senior managers until they land their next job. Our step-by-step approach also will also help your general employees find their next jobs more quickly.

Your key employees are the here, now and immediate future of your business. How you engage with them and steer their progress during a difficult transition process is all-important to your sustained success.

We know that how to execute lay-offs is far more challenging than making a lay-off decision. The ultimate & preferred OUTCOME in every lay-off situation is ZERO Risks, Conflicts, Arbitration, and Negative Impacts. 

Cornerstone’s objectives regarding onsite termination support are, therefore:

  1. To support your HR team, and allow the employee a chance to vent 
  2. To help the employee develop peace of mind by assuring them that they are not alone, that with Cornerstone their former employer will provide them with the most effective career support assistance available. 

Employee Emotional Stages.

Cornerstone’s communication advice centers on:

1) Manager and HR kit

Talking Points and Simplified FAQ

2) Employee Pack

  • Mutual Separation Agreement.
  • Severance formula.
  • Last employment date.
  • Checkout list.

Purpose of company-assisted communication: 

  1. It will ease the notification pressure on line managers and HR.
  2. It will help diffuse the situation.
  3. It will identify/assist in identifying “at-risk” individuals.
  4. It will provide the person(s) affected with accurate but non-aggressive information about the separation to avoid misunderstandings.
  5. It will reduce issues due to cultural differences in company communications in different countries. 
  6. It will assist the person(s) affected regarding how to disclose the news to the family.
  7. It will provide a career coach to help the affected employee focus on positive future career options rather than dwell negatively on the present event.
  8. It will give the affected person(s) the consolation of knowing they are not alone. Cornerstone consultants will be with them to guide them through this tough time of career transition.

With the changes in work-from-home due to COVID protections and the growing popularity of the gig economy, alternative ways of working, or phased retirement no longer apply to baby boomers only. Many, in fact, decided to stay in the workforce beyond the traditional retirement age.

  • As part of succession planning, companies are preparing employees in advance by supporting them in the next stage of life, retirement; organizations can more fully engage departing employees earlier in their exit planning.
  • A successful retirement requires individuals to plan for retirement earlier than their departure day. They can make the transition into the next stage of their lives through assessments, individual coaching, and workshops that help them see beyond their working lives and prepare for the journey ahead.  

Retirement planning is essential as the employee can look forward to retirement or alternative employment with confidence if he or she experiences the support of a caring organization. In these favorable circumstances, they are likelier to give months or even years of advanced notice before exiting. This advance notice can generate excitement about the next phase of their lives, and so make transitions to a successor smoother. There is less reluctance to pass on valuable information.

Career Management is a vital link between retention and engagement across a company’s workforce.

This activity brings value and a sense of purpose to employees who wish to grow their careers within their environment. A culture of support from an internal group of senior managers as mentors and an external coaching facilitator is a winning combination.

The career navigator coach from Cornerstone tracks the development of the following professional goals.

  • Building your reputation
  • Continuous learning of new skills.
  • Building a network and establishing bonds at work.
  • Extending an effective network outside of work.

Program Benefits:

  • Cornerstone provides the necessary tools and strategies for a successful career management plan, giving candidates our ICF-accredited leadership coaches and online Candidates’ Only learning platform.  
  • Cornerstone furnishes an individual career action plan linked to the employee’s goals and aspirations while considering the company’s short- and long-term needs.
  • Cornerstone provides training for critical leadership soft skills to help candidates build their professional reputations; they experience continuous learning of new skills and building networks while establishing bonds at work and outside work.
  •  Cornerstone establishes a learning platform to upskill and reskill to create a pathway for success
  • Cornerstone creates a strategy to identify high potentials and link them to a meaningful experience
  • Cornerstone supports employee retention by bringing value to the work experience so that attrition rates remain low.
  • Cornerstone assists in creating a strategic pipeline for future leaders with the potential for front-line, mid-level, and senior roles. 

First, we assess training needs based on the client’s international strategic roadmap and the individual executive’s background. Then we define and prioritize gaps and prepare a customized program that fits the executive’s training objectives. The best training program is the one that matches the identified areas, where followed by 360 feedback for tracking and ROI assessments after the training.

Our customized programs focus on helping executives with international responsibilities:

  1. Manage Across Borders and Cultures.
  2. International Management in LATAM.
  3. International Management in China.
  4. International Management in India.
  5. International Management in European Union.
  6. International Management in North America.
  7. International Management in the Asia Pacific.