The marketing function is one that has undergone massive change as technology evolves. The objectives are still the same – build a brand, value the brand and create consumer motivation – but the tools and delivery systems are constantly developing.

Digital media and online communications have created millions of direct channels and access points. Big data has resulted in incredibly comprehensive knowledge of individual preferences and persuasions.

Learning how to master these and, most importantly, align sales practices to profit from the new marketing universe is one of the most meaningful challenges in commercial growth and sustainability.

Our Sales and Marketing Practice brings talent expertise to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. Many of our members bring functional expertise that extends into specialty areas such as data analytics, digital marketing, branding, and corporate communications.

Our Practice draws upon senior practitioners in 35 countries around the world. Members of Cornerstone International Group are owner-managers of their firms and established in their local and regional markets. They understand the importance of focused, personal attention to each specific client challenge, while benefitting from the exchange of best practices among peers.

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