Private equity covers a wide range of investment opportunities. We don’t advise on the mechanics of these opportunities, but we do help you to make the critical leadership talent decisions that will maximize the returns.

The private equity sector is no less aggressive and challenging than any other and success depends on the same requirements for bold, courageous leadership accompanied by objective and thoughtful analysis. Quick wins may be adrenalin, but the name of the game remains long term value creation.

Members of our Private Equity Practice are all well-seasoned and experienced practitioners drawn from over 200 senior consultants worldwide. We will help you to establish best-in-class management teams and Boards across the investment cycle including chairman, CEO, CFO and heads of finance, risk, compliance, legal and other key corporate functions.

For information on our portfolio and sectors of operation, please contact one of our Practice Group leaders:

Gerhard Benneck

Cornerstone Dusseldorf