There comes a time when you want to do more. Is there a team of like-minded souls somewhere that could help expand your market, share business and knowledge and let you continue to run the show?

Make Your Market the World

If you are already successful locally in executive search or leadership consulting and want to go to the next level, we should talk.

As a member of Cornerstone International Group, your market becomes THE WORLD. Specifically, your colleagues are in 60 locations across 40 countries. This scale has become the default as our business in turn becomes global. You need to be here.

But it’s more than just global access. It’s the HOW you access this market.

You Run the Show

Most large networks in our sector are corporate-owned or you have to operate under their name. Great resources, but do it our way. With CIG, you continue to own and control your operation. You can co-brand, taking advantage of the local reputation you have built and the Cornerstone name.

You don’t compromise anything. Your annual investment is reasonable, you share new and effective resources, you get to know some great people, and the world is a click away.

How Good Are We?

You become a member of an elite global organization, the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, or AESC. That tells clients you adhere to the highest standards of quality and ethics.

We are also recognized by the leading industry observers such as Forbes Media and HuntScanlon, In one Forbes survey ranking us in America’s Top 10 Management consulting firms, , we were singled out for having a “disproportionately high’ number of recommendations from our peers.

We have excelled in this industry for over 30 years.

Why do Firms Join Cornerstone?

Global Reach

Our network covers the major centers of business all around the globe. You immediately gain access to close to 60 offices in 40 countries.

Maintain Independence

Keep the control over your team and the direction of your business.

Top Network, Low Fees

Even as one of the top 10 Executive Search networks, our fee structure is one of the most reasonable.

What CIG Members say…

“We’ve been a committed member of Cornerstone for 20 years. It has been the difference and tied not only the Nordic region and Europe together, but opened up the entire world to serve clients.”

Göran Jansson

Cornerstone Stockholm
Member since 2002

“To have such wonderful people you can count on and grow with has been a blessing. I’ve enjoyed being part of Cornerstone for over a decade.”

Nancy Chu

Cornerstone Hong Kong

“The competitive edge we get with the brand is dwarfed only by the wonderful colleagues – life-long friendships with people who are in the same trenches.” 

Dan Heiman

Cornerstone Kansas City
Member since 2008

“The ability to contribute to the success of people all around the world and to build something of top quality is a pleasure and a privilege.” 

Diego Cubas

Cornerstone Peru

Network Benefits


Host and participate in business-building webinars. We help our members host between 6-12 professional webinars a year with a reach of thousands.

Marketing Collateral

Access our internal library of presentations, brochures, and sales materials. Focus on building business, not on creating collateral. 

Professional Brand

When working under the Cornerstone brand you have access to branded materials that give you the recognition and quality of Cornerstone 

Global Conference

Our annual global conference is a chance to meet your colleagues, exchange ideas, and charge your batteries. When we can’t meet in person (e.g. Covid), we have regular online conferences.

Lead Generation

Our extensive website informs visitors and drives lead queries directly to members. Within the network, we refer business as dictated by geography or sector specialty

Far-reaching Audience

Take advantage of the reach of our global network – our Social pages and email marketing can extend your thought leadership and visibility to tens of thousands. 

Our Offices Around the Globe