Cornerstone Taipei is one of six Cornerstone International Group offices in the Greater China region.

Taipei is Taiwan, the Republic of China’s political, economic, and cultural center. Taiwan’s strategic location at the heart of East Asia allows it to serve as a gateway for trade between regional powerhouses like China, Japan, and South Korea.

Taiwan’s top industries are electronics, information technology, manufacturing, financial services & life sciences.

1) electronics: Taiwan is renowned for its electronics industry, with major companies like Foxconn, TSMC, and Acer originating from Taiwan. It is a global leader in producing semiconductors, integrated circuits, and consumer electronics.

2) Information Technology (IT): Taiwan’s IT industry has played a crucial role in its economic growth. Taiwan is a hub for computer hardware, software development, and telecommunications. Taiwanese companies such as Asus, HTC, and MediaTek have significantly contributed to the global IT market.

3. Manufacturing: Taiwan has a strong manufacturing sector encompassing various industries, including machinery, automotive, textiles, and petrochemicals.

4. Financial Services: Taiwan’s financial services sector has experienced significant development in recent years. Taiwan has a robust banking system. Major Taiwanese banks, such as Cathay Financial Holdings and Fubon Financial Holdings, provide financial services domestically and internationally.

5. Life Sciences: Taiwan’s life sciences industry specializes in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Taiwanese companies, such as Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation and TaiGen Biotechnology, have made advancements in drug discovery, medical imaging, and precision medicine.

Talents from Taiwan are working in mainland China. There are several reasons why Taiwanese individuals choose to work in mainland China:

1. Economic Opportunities: Mainland China’s rapid economic growth and vast market present attractive opportunities for Taiwanese professionals and entrepreneurs. Many Taiwanese companies have established operations or partnerships in mainland China to exploit the market potential and lower production costs.

2. Visa: Like the Hong Kong SAR, Taiwanese individuals may work in mainland China to facilitate business collaborations, expand their networks, or tap into the Chinese market without a working visa.

3. Cultural and Language Affinity: Taiwanese people share a common language and cultural heritage with mainland Chinese, making it easier to adapt and integrate into the work environment. This cultural familiarity can be a motivating factor for Taiwanese individuals seeking job opportunities in mainland China.

4. Career Advancement and Skill Development: Working in mainland China can expose Taiwanese professionals to a larger market, diverse business practices, and new skill sets. Some Taiwanese individuals may see it as a valuable career move that enhances their professional growth and broadens their horizons.

Industry recognitions received by Cornerstone in China included
1) “China Recruitment Firm of the Year” award;
2) the “Trustworthy HR Service Unit” award and
3) finalists of “Best Training Firm of the Year” awards.