Sustained success in business is a team challenge. And one of the most important teams is right at the top – the partnership of CEO and an aligned, engaged Board.

Our CEO and Board Practice Group starts with a thorough understanding of the corporate goals, strategy and culture. An increasingly competitive environment has heightened the importance of outstanding leaders while also intensifying scrutiny of both the appropriateness and performance of Directors.

The recruiting process must be rigorous. In many cases, depending upon the expectations of the company, the talent pool may appear disconcertingly small and the research process arduous. Our CEO and Board Practice is structured to deliver under the most demanding circumstances.

We draw upon the expertise of senior practitioners in 35 countries around the world. Members of Cornerstone International Group are owner-managers of their firms and established in their local and regional markets. They understand the importance of focused, personal attention to each specific client challenge while benefitting from the exchange of best practices among peers.

Primary services offered by the CEO & Board Practice Group include:

  • CEO Search – we create the desired leader profile in cooperation with the Board and seek out those candidates that differ from most other executives by their vision and ability to balance risk with innovation.
  • CEO Support – we create non-competitive, monitored peer groups of business leaders where new CEOs can test opinions and seek guidance in strict confidence
  • CEO Succession – we make sure your succession planning remains up-to date and aligned with the company’s goals and processes.
  • Board Search – we ensure the proper alignment of skills and experience with the needs of the organization.
  • Board Evaluation : We assess the entire composition of the Board, including evaluation of the directorate (supervisory board/ external directors) with regard to the functions as well as assuring collaborative synergies and cultural impact. 
  • Board Advisory – based on our knowledge and market intelligence, we provide strategic advice to the CEO and Board and support them regarding the consequences of their decisions, whether divestment, investment, expansion, etc,

For more information, please contact one of our CEO & Board Practice Group leaders:

Simon Wan

Cornerstone Shanghai

Larry Shoemaker

Cornerstone Atlanta

Alejandra Aranda

Cornerstone Santiago

Lydia Goutas

Cornerstone Vienna

Edwin Yeo

Cornerstone Singapore | Asia Head