Lydia Goutas is a managing partner at Lehner Executive Partners, the Vienna office of Cornerstone International Group, where she leads an international team that serves growing multi-nationals in dynamic industries.

 Lydia studied Biology and Molecular Biology and worked in the field of molecular therapeutics at a leading research institute while she completed her MBA in management.  She then spent several years in the higher educational and professional development sector,  specializing in recruitment, credential evaluation, placement, corporate management development and training.

She is a native of New York and has lived in Vienna over 20 years.

As the interface for many US and MNL companies, Lydia delivers the benefit of her substantive experience in Austria and CEE, as well as her understanding of issues unique to highly matrix-complex companies.

Career Coaching and development in a number of areas has been her expertise for many years and she has worked with managers and leaders from a number of different industry sectors at the C level to the C- 3 level.

Lydia has also taught at several universities.  She serves as the co-chair of the Financial Services Club CEE and is past President of the American Women’s Association, a non-profit organization with over 300 women from 27 different nations.