A global team delivering retained search and leadership development services to Non-Profit organizations is the latest specialization by Cornerstone International Group.

The team’s initial focus is on North America, where Non-Profits represent the third largest workforce group behind Retail and Manufacturing.

Non-Profit organizations experience particular challenges in building competitive leadership teams.  Our practice group addresses specific issues which research tells us are top interests for Non-Profit leaders in their dealings with the executive search business.

These issues are frequently encountered in the executive search and engagement process. Our knowledge of the unique differences in the organizational structure of NPs enables us to tailor a search to maximize outcomes and identify the best candidates for consideration.   Read more here.

Practice leader is Linda Gray, Senior Vice President, Executive Search at Cornerstone Cleveland.  Linda has successfully led a Non-Profit team out of Cleveland for several years prior to undertaking the global practice group.

For information, please contact Linda below:

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