Visionary Leaders / Supportive Peers

ASPIRE focuses on helping today’s executives become tomorrow’s visionary leaders – to assist them in achieving their maximum potential in their personal and professional lives. 

ASPIRE provides:

  • Practical ideas
  • Create peer support for executives
  • Mentoring support from Cornerstone’s executive coaches. 


ASPIRE is about visionary leadership. It is more than management studies. 

ASPIRE is an executive support program that gives executives the support they need to deliver better results as leaders.  

Here is how:

The ASPIRE Executive Support Program is an exclusive membership-based program serving senior executives.

Members of the program benefit from the convenience of ASPIRE insights on industry trends and organizational challenges locally and globally; and how to navigate these trends and successfully resolve these challenges. 

At ASPIRE, executives share their lessons and knowledge with their peers. Each ASPIRE meeting is facilitated by a Cornerstone business coach with a solid business and coaching background, making each event a valuable experience. Each ASPIRE event will have a presentation on subjects that address the pain points common to executives. 

ASPIRE Benefits. You can expect the following:  

  1. Greater business success – ASPIRE provides valuable insights, and you gain access to an exclusive support network of peers. You will be participating in exclusive events designed to support your objectives.
  2. Expert guidance – You will gain and exchange critical insights through interactions with coaches, speakers, and peers. 
  3. Support for critical initiatives – You will leverage the resources of peers in your workgroup to make informed decisions. 
  4. Leadership development – You will acquire new competencies through content specifically designed for the professional development of executives with P & L responsibilities.

ASPIRE events are by invitation only and don’t hesitate to get in touch with SIMON WAN at and Nance Macleod at

Why join the ASPIRE Executive Support Program? Consider these questions: 

  • Do you have unbiased external guidance to help you make decisions concerning your critical initiatives?
  • Do you have a handle on strategies & best practices you can use to improve your capacity to make positive changes in your enterprise?
  • Do you have a network of qualified peers who can help you discover innovative approaches?
  • Have you defined a plan for equipping your leadership team with the tools and guidance they need for professional development?

Cornerstone ASPIRE enables you to deliver on your critical initiatives, extract the maximum value from cutting-edge business practices, and achieve the best possible outcomes for your organization.