Our executive coaching portfolio includes tightly targeted programs to keep your leadership team up to the mark, your engagement high, and your fail-rate low.

Finding, engaging, and retaining the right people is the biggest differentiator today in a successful business.

At Cornerstone International Group, we put at your service a network of 225+ consultants at 35 member firms in 60+ business locations and 35 countries.   Each is owned and managed by skilled entrepreneurs who are leaders in their markets and backed by technology and shared best practices. You receive personal attention and the clout of a global organization.

It is a collective capability recognized by Forbes as one of the top 20 organizations in executive search in America.  We are also members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, which is the voice of excellence for executive search and leadership consultants worldwide.

Breaking down the challenge

We don’t believe the work is done when the candidate is hired.  Past research has shown as many as 40% of executive hires fail within 18 months.  To overcome that we provide services through two gateways.

  • Our Executive Search professionals will find the best candidates for the specific job in your organization.
  • Our Leadership Development team will support new hires and build leaders through assessment, reinforcement and ongoing executive coaching.

This backs up your recruiting challenge in a powerful way, before the search, during the search, and after the engagement.


Often the best candidates are “passives” – they are in a job and not really looking.  Our members all over the world keep deep contact data on passives who might be interested in your job or know someone who could be.


Our enquiry is rigorous. Once, 80% of the challenge was finding the candidate and 20% securing. That’s flipped.  Experience and technology has reduced the search to 20%.  We use the 80% to ensure the fit.

That means assessing not just the candidate, but the position and the organization culture. How else can you evaluate compatibility?


Onboarding the new hire is essential to getting a rapid contribution to the bottom line. But it doesn’t stop there.  The speed with which technologies, processes and strategies evolve calls for a constant updating of leadership skills and expectations.

Our executive coaching portfolio includes targeted programs to keep your leadership team up to the mark, your engagement high, and your fail-rate low.

Each of the three steps plays a key role because the impact of the leadership team on business success has never been greater.

Don’t leave leadership or bench strength to chance.