As talent management becomes accepted as the lifeblood of sustained business success, the role and profile of Human Resources leadership  becomes a core strategic imperative. Today’s HR leader not only ensures the best talent is attracted to the firm today, but must anticipate the needs of tomorrow. The battle for talent is all too real in many jurisdictions and HR strategy must recognize and promote the drivers that will draw the attention of targeted people from many diverse sources. The HR leader and his or her team must be equipped with the talents to lead and manage in a fast-changing, global environment.  Our Human Resources Practice is structured to deliver under the most demanding circumstances. Our Practice draws upon senior practitioners in 35 countries around the world. Members of Cornerstone International Group are owner-managers of their firms and established in their local and regional markets. They understand the importance of focused, personal attention to each specific client challenge, while benefiting from the exchange of best practices among peers. For more information, please contact one of our Human Resources Practice leaders: [consultant id=2673 name=”Goran Jansson” position=”Cornerstone Stockholm”]