Cornerstone’s member office in Madrid is ExcellentSearch, a firm of professionals that bring together over 20 years in the recruiting sector. We are dedicated to provide fast, effective solutions to clients, thanks to an exhaustive knowledge of the labour market in all business sectors.

We watch out for the interests of our clients, above all other concerns, while always maintaining a professional and independent position.  We provide a service that strives to maintain maximum levels of honesty, integrity and discretion, always taking care to serve both clients and candidates.

This passion for excellence in all that we do has secured us long-standing partnerships with our clients. In fact , over 80% of our business comes from such partnerships, as well as from referrals and from candidates who have been through our recruitment process and who have formed a positive view of ExcellentSearch.

Expertise :

We work with most business sectors and industries . Our clients include large corporations as well as small and start ups.
We provide Executive Search services of Senior Management and Qualified Professionals, as well as Consultancy services as Team Evaluation, Assessments, Development and Training and Coaching

ExcellentSearch has been pioneer in starting a department of Women on Board of Directors and on Top Executive Positions, where we give highly competent female professionals an opportunity, so that they are able to contribute with their skills to workplace diversity and equilibrium, necessary requirements today for any company.