Cornerstone’s member office in southern Germany is PAB HRconsulting, based in Regensburg, Bavaria.

Since 1994 — with passion
The firm was founded in 1994 and recruiting top talent has been our passion ever since. These are the people who are always in demand. They are the engine and the spine of every organization and it is through them that strategy is successful, or falls short.

In the search for these hard-to-find leaders, we are passionate and enthusiastic representatives of our principals. We work with conviction for our clients and strongly identify with them. Indifference is unknown to us.

We get results
The search for top players in the job market is not a fishing expedition, throwing out a line and waiting to see who bites. We identify accurately, respond, and fetch actively. We are exceptional headhunters, most likely because we enjoy the challenge.

Our point of view
The executive search business is not a mystery to us, but a craft. We love substance, not the show. We are loyal, discreet, and adhere always to our values.

We follow clear rules and habits. This does not prevent us from luring high performers away from other enterprises. Seeking and securing the best talent is not for the timorous, but our robust attitude is in keeping with our values and understanding of our business.

Strictly operational
We have bite, an uncluttered determination and unlimited commitment.

Long-winded and complicated processes are not for us. We get down to business fast, work fast, know where to look, and present candidates in the shortest possible time.

Work with us! We love the challenge.