Cornerstone specializes in hiring Asia Pacific heads across Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. These three key cities are all strategic gateways to growth, and each has compelling reasons for global companies seeking to expand their presence in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Cornerstone Singapore is a branch office of Cornerstone Hong Kong. With 15 offices in Asia and 60 worldwide since 1989, Cornerstone offers executive recruitment services for Manufacturing, Technology, Financial Services, and healthcare industries. We focus on the board level and senior management roles and serve as strategic partners supporting their business success. 

We provide a full range of talent management services, from helping companies appoint new cornerstones for their business to grooming and engaging existing high potentials with executive coaching supports and career consulting services during restructuring.

The top five industries in Singapore we serve:

  1. Finance and Banking: Singapore is a global financial hub, hosting numerous multinational banks, investment firms, and financial institutions. It offers a stable regulatory environment, attractive tax incentives, and a well-developed economic infrastructure. The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is a significant regional stock exchange. 
  1. Manufacturing: Singapore has a thriving manufacturing sector specializing in electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and precision engineering. The country’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and efficient logistics contribute to its manufacturing success. It houses several semiconductor-manufacturing plants and is a significant player in the global electronics industry. 
  1. Technology and Information Communications Technology (ICT): Singapore is a leader in ICT, known for its innovation, research, and development. The government actively promotes technological advancements and supports startups and tech companies. Data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and smart city solutions are key areas.  
  1. Biomedical and Healthcare: Singapore is a significant player in the biomedical and healthcare industries in the Asia-Pacific region. The country boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. It attracts medical tourists and hosts clinical trials for various pharmaceutical companies.  
  1. Board placements and Family Offices: Singapore is a vibrant location for family offices due to its prominent position in Asia. Singapore’s financial and commercial hub offers world-class attractions and incentives to family offices. 

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