Havik is Cornerstone International Group’s member office in Brazil, located in Sao Paulo.  It is an Executive Search Boutique that differentiates the way to look at your own business.  We seek to see the processes and projects in which we participate through the eyes of those who come to us.

What makes human capital the largest asset of a corporation is not limited to curriculum, skills or competencies. We understand that the attitude of generating ideas and making a difference is the greatest attribute that professionals can lend to organizations.

Our solutions are designed to provide effective tools to identify, select and evaluate talents. Each different talent contributes to building a people strategy aligned with the needs of the organization, to constructing notable teams able to make a difference.

Our Solutions

Executive Search

We contribute to the effectiveness of the organization in our Executive Search processes through our unique methodology that brings together views by market segment relating to the main dimensions of influence – Governance, Strategy, Leadership and Culture.


Recommended in Executive Search processes, Succession Plans and Market Mapping, assessment is a process that aims to measure the technical, behavioral and cultural adherence of a professional to a specific function in an organization.

Talent Lab ®

The Talent Lab is a real experience of knowledge and evaluation between companies and candidates. It facilitates the perception of value, technical adherence and cultural fit through a mutual interaction in personalized dynamics.


Through an exclusive methodology, we apply the Onboarding program to the leadership projects we conduct. The main objective is to assist in the insertion, adaptation and generation of results of the newly hired professional.