Cornerstone International Group’s member in Amsterdam is De Vroedt & Thierry, a leading firm with extensive experience in executive search, leadership consulting and talent development.

Founded in 1975, the company has a broad client portfolio of listed companies, family owned businesses, pension funds and private equity funds.

The culture of the company is a perfect fit with Cornerstone, based on the belief that the essence of a search is not just about finding the most talented candidate in general, but finding the right talent within a specific context. Every search includes an in-depth review of the organizational culture, the organisation’s current position, its strategy, objectives and the position’s immediate colleagues.

Search assignments are handled in pairs, led by one of the partners and supported by a team of consultants. This ensures the client company benefits from the firm’s extensive experience in the field.

The firm has a specific expertise in the identification and recruiting of Agile Talent, a topical issue which co-owner Ralf Knegtmans explains in a recently authored book.

The firm’s processes are based in a belief that complementarity in Management Teams and Executive Boards is becoming increasingly important and necessary.

Position specifications are drawn up in collaboration with the client. While this serves as the mainstay of the search efforts, staff will always take into account the client’s strategy and the most current ‘issues’ at play, the sought-after complementarity.

The firm takes pride in achieving a balanced distribution of expertise, skills and character traits.