Ralf Knegtmans is managing partner and co-owner of De Vroedt & Thierry. Prior to his career at De Vroedt & Thierry, Ralf Knegtmans was the commercial director of an American listed flexible labour firm. Knegtmans earned his Law degree in Amsterdam, and also completed post Masters executive courses at Nyenrode Business University (Business Administration) and the IMD in Lausanne (Marketing).

In 2005 Knegtmans, in collaboration with a former colleague, contributed to the book Top Potentials in Organisations, published by the Dutch Federation for Management Development.
In 2007 he concluded extensive research into the key characteristics of top talent. He also conducted thorough interviews with a variety of CEOs, Supervisory Board Members, scientists and top talents from a wide range of fields. This resulted in the book Top Talent: The 9 Universal Criteria for Top Talent.

In 2010 he authored Diversity as a Challenge: The Sense and Non-Sense of Diverse Talent. For this book, Knegtmans interviewed CEOs and practice leaders about this theme from all over the world, domestic and abroad.

March 2014 saw the launch of his book, How To Become CEO?: About Competencies, Personality Traits and Motives. In this book Knegtmans reveals the elements of new leadership and defines the relevance of personality traits and motives. His perspective on the conclusive success factors is larded with the input of CEOs, practice leaders and scientists.

Most recently he published a relevant book on the selection of Agile Talent. In this book Ralf explains the new rules of the HR and selection domain. Knegtmans’ explains why the selection criteria for tomorrow’s talent could scarcely be more different than the ones used today. He highlights how selection based primarily on credentials, skills and knowledge will no longer suffice and emphasizes how it is essential that you come to know your potential hires- who they are and what motivates them.

Additionally Agile Talent provides the reader with answers to many relevant questions, including: What are the selection factors for future-proof talent? How can I tell whether a candidate who shows the hallmarks of an ‘agile’ talent will match the company’s culture and strategic priorities? Are there tools available to help me make objective decisions regarding my selection? Will these tools yield better predictions of future success?

In recent years Ralf Knegtmans has been a regular contributing columnist for Managementboek Magazine, Business News Radio, Management Team, De Financiële Telegraaf, NUzakelijk and FD.nl. Knegtmans is also a speaker at conferences hosted by Elsevier, Focus Conferences and at management development sessions organised on the initiative of several organisations. For bookings of readings, lectures, etc. please contact our administrative office or Speakers Academy.

*Books currently only available in Dutch