Established in 2013, Cornerstone Vancouver is a boutique office located in Richmond BC serving clients in the western region of Canada and also Washington State of the United States of America.

We provide global reach and local high quality services to clients ranging from multi-national corporations to small local companies.

We firmly believe our network, or consortium, concept delivers the “best of both worlds” to client organizations.   Cornerstone International group has over 70 offices around the world.  Each of our offices is staffed with executive search recruiters committed to delivering seasoned experience in the local geographic market backed by expertise in the industry.

In the Canadian west, this local market influence has resulted in Cornerstone Vancouver offering a custom-tailored portfolio of services that focus on the strong regional links with China.  Vancouver has the second largest Chinese population among Canadian cities.

Services we offer to clients include Cornerstone’s global core services of Executive Search and Recruitment. We also provide the following key services.

Board and CEO Advisory – targeted to companies who plan to expand their business to Asia or Canada/USA west coast, and vice versa.

Business Owner Support Services – targeted to business owners who want to out-source their back-office jobs to free them up for more front-end functions.

International Student Support Services – targeted to companies and individuals who need education recommendations for their children when making a business or personal relocation decision.  The Vancouver office has been appointed as Education Partner with school boards in Vancouver.