Typical Clients

The majority of my clients are corporate executives, working at medium to large sized organizations, who desire to develop and improve their leadership capability.  I work with these leaders to maximize their personal effectiveness and develop strategies for enhanced performance.  I also coach my clients on how to create a foundation for building sustainable relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.  The end result is greater organizational effectiveness, increased contributions, and tangible value to the bottom line.

Results Achieved

I worked with a CEO of a mid-sized organization whose goal was to optimize his business practices and improve morale among his direct reports.  He also wanted to get feedback as a leader.  I met with each member of his team to conduct a Stay Interview and gather details about their daily work practices.  I then partnered with the CEO to launch a 360 degree feedback session in an effort to garner well- rounded information from his stakeholders.

Subsequently, I gathered and analyzed all the data, which I used to suggest a number of practices for process improvement.  I also debriefed the feedback from the 360, which we used to create an action plan for the CEO, helping him to improve his relationships among his staff and key clients.  Through the implementation and execution of the suggestions, his team was able to realize more synergies, as well, as a considerable cost savings for the organization.

Professional History

I have over 25 years of corporate experience working with both domestic and global organizations in the private and public sectors.  I also have an extensive record spearheading several project teams for new and complex initiatives.  This includes developing a Diversity and Inclusion Framework for a large multi-cultural global organization; spearheading a Culture and Change Management work stream; and serving as the U.S. Chair for the executive selection process for a major global acquisition.


I am a certified Coach and active member of the International Coaching Federation.  Additionally, I am a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Senior Certified Professional in Human Resources (SHRM-SCP), Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

My formal studies include a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development.  I am currently pursuing a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with an emphasis on resolving conflicts within organizations to positively impact employee morale and engagement.

Coaching Approach

I customarily utilize the Energy Leadership IndexTM framework (ELI) to help my clients understand their strengths, areas of opportunities, and how they are perceived by others.  I often couple the ELI psychometric tool with the GROW (G-Goal, R-Reality, O-Options, W-Will) Model to help my clients identity and set goals that will have a positive and sustainable impact on their careers.