Typical Clients

For over 10 years I have provided successful executive coaching and leadership team development in various multinational and Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, AstraZeneca, Bayer, BMW, COACH, ComEd, Citrix, Diesel, Ford, Golin, L’Oreal, STMicro, Swarovski, Ubisoft and more. Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the USA for extended periods of time, I am able to share these experiences in cultural differences and provide different angles and perspectives when dealing within diverse cultural environments.

Results Achieved

Consumer / Luxury: Creating Leadership team strategy and mission statement for China C-Level executives from Sales, Finance, Marketing, Product Management etc. Created common vision and objectives with the business leaders and defined a scalable team culture.

Healthcare: Creating Leadership team strategy and cohesiveness for APAC C-Level leaders from Healthcare, Chemical, Agriculture, etc. Derived joint high-level business goals with the team despite very different agendas of the individual business leaders. Created 10-step Action plan and joint mission statement.

IT: Supported female Marketing Director to prepare for next career development step and gain a more rounded leadership profile including work on  her presentation as well as networking skills. She gained the promotion and is successfully driving marketing and business strategies. She presents in front of 300+ people and  runs a very successful organization.

Automotive: Worked with male Chief Program Manager on time management, self-organization and delegation. During the coaching process the leader redefined his leadership style, modified his team’s development plan and found new ways to be more effective by negotiating control points rather than setting them.

Professional History

Prior to starting an executive development firm, I spent 10 years leading teams in the IT and Telecommunication industries. As Director, Developer Program at Siemens, I led my team to implement a state of the art partner program. In addition to my operational role in mobile partnering, I coached and trained internal staff in Intel in both Germany and China. Prior to corporate, I held business development and marketing management roles in startup firms, including FTP Software, TopTier Software, and YellowMap.


I’m a certified Executive Coach by two ICF accredited Coaching programs. I certified for the following tools: Firo B & Firo-Buiz, Leading & Coaching Across Cultures, LEA 360º Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, DISC, MBTI Practitioner (Step I & II).

Coaching Approach

Based on different theories, my Integrated Coaching model strongly ties into existing corporate processes, especially for MNCs working across different cultures and brings a coaching culture into the organization. I use a highly interactive coaching process to help my clients attain awareness of their deeply rooted beliefs and values and behaviors associated with them. From that awareness, I help them identify and implement shifts that will effect lasting change where they want it, to move their careers forward.