In 1995 I started my career as management consultant for Ernst & Young, supporting managers and their teams in the Consumer Products and Retail industry with the implementation of impactful changes and enhancing collaboration within the value chain. This is where I discovered my passion to develop the qualities of individuals and teams to their full potential in relation to the strategic business objectives of the company. I feel energized when I see the readiness for change increase within the organization, when people develop the new competencies, behaviors and mindsets needed and when beliefs and assumptions that aren’t effective anymore in achieving the collaborative goals are being challenged.

Since 2007 I have been associated with several international networks of professionals who provide  leadership development programs, team coaching and executive & talent coaching. My aim is to offer proven interventions that enable my clients to achieve the results they aim for, or preferably get results they might not have imagined to be possible.

Typical Clients

My clients are female leaders, working in an international, multicultural context with aspiring goals. They come to me to support them in achieving their transformational challenges. They want to unleash their own potential as well as the potential of their team(s) and company. They are aware that most impactful moments of change are preceded by feelings of discomfort and confusion, of not knowing how to proceed….. and they have the courage to continuously face new challenges. They have  experienced that overcoming these through time, creates the most fulfilling and meaningful moments in life. For me, it is always a privilege to join my clients on their journey towards these moments of success. We collaboratively develop a customer specific approach that offers us the opportunity to work at a deeper level where sustainable change is created.

Results Achieved

These are some of the results clients have received from the coaching:

I achieved several breakthroughs with concerns that had been present and yet unresolved for some time. I believe this has created a platform for a new and even more fulfilling future. Ingrid’s intuition, intelligence, challenge and compassion proved invaluable to me on my journey.”

She has helped me to find my own way of dealing with some of my challenges by helping me to recognize the nature of the change I needed to make and enabling me to form a structured and incremental way of achieving success. It has opened up many possibilities in the way I move forward with some of the more significant aspects of my personal development. Ingrid has an ability to really connect with people in this creative space and use their language and ideas to explore real change.

She helped me to not only find solutions for my challenges but also to increase my self-awareness, belief and confidence.

Ingrid’s deep listening and thoughtful questioning has enabled me to understand myself so much more than I ever thought I could. I have left every session with Ingrid feeling empowered and in control of my own happiness and development.”


  • ICF accredited Coaching Diploma at Coaching Development Ltd.
  • Integrative Coach & Counsellor Diploma at Dutch Academy of Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Professional Team Coaching program at School for Coaching
  • Strategy Synthesis Program at Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Qualified practitioner of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Qualified practitioner of CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools, Barret Values Center)
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration (Erasmus University, the Netherlands and HEC, France)

Coaching Approach

Clients describe my coaching style as client-centred, quietly powerful & challenging, empowering, open-minded and forward focused. I get to the heart of the issue intuitively and encourage them with my enthusiasm. Clients say they appreciate my sincere interest in them and my ability to create a safe and non-judgemental space to learn, allowing them to bring to the sessions what is really challenging for them.  Every time I see the pride in the eyes of my client when she  communicates what she has managed to achieve, a big smile appears on my face.