Most of my clients are middle to senior level executives, high potential leaders or business owners. Faced with rapid changes in the global economic environment, competition and customers’ needs, executives and business owners feel the urgent need to retain top talents, develop teams, and create a culture that facilitates best performance and manages change. At the same time, they want to commit to continuous learning themselves. I love working with them because they are motivated, driven to success, business results, and unleashing the potential of themselves and others around them.

Results Achieved

I coached a young and bright leader with a Fortune 500 corporation in China. Identified as a high‐potential candidate by the company, the coaching program involved company sponsors including his boss and HRBP who demonstrated great support and commitment to the success of the leader. The four months coaching program supported the leader gaining greater clarity on his vision
for himself and team, enhancing his confidence when presenting himself in front of the global team, and equipping him with effective strategies dealing with difficult conversations. He successfully passed the company’s Assessment Center evaluation process by the end of the four months coaching program and was ready to move to his next level of career advancement.

Professional History

I started my career in International Business in the early 1990s when China was undergoing the transition from a planning economy to a market economy. My business experience includes project management, marketing & sales, and branding. After two decades of working in China State Owned Enterprises, MNCs and owning my own business, I moved to coaching and leadership development, following my passion to support people unleashing their greatest potential and driving for business results.


I have a Master’s of Education from Peking University, and a Master’s of Global Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs at the U of T in Canada. I was among the first
group of coaches to receive PCC certification from ICF as early as 2007. My other credentials include:

  • ICF Accredited Coach Training Program trained coach, PCC credentialed
  • Certified Team Coach (TCI)
  • Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach (Marshall Goldsmith)
  • Certified Crucial Conversations Trainer by VitalSmarts
  • Certified Mentor Coach by InviteChange
  • Certified Team Coach, Living Systems Approach by Posi‐Track Coaching

Coaching Approach

My coaching approach extends from my years of Business Development, Marketing & Sales, and international business experiences. I always keep my eyes on the business results
of my client and the organization, making sure the goals of both are aligned.

My unique coaching approach also reflects my background and knowledge in international markets. Therefore I have a
meta and global perspective that I bring to my clients and the organization which at times is beneficial. My coaching approach is also strategic, supportive, challenging and intuitive.