Typical Clients

My clients are successful leaders striving to deliver significant business outcomes, develop high performing teams, and enhance their own influence and impact. These leaders come from a broad range of industries and nonprofit organizations, at all leadership levels from CEO to first level technical leaders to Wharton MBAs.

Results Achieved

COO to CEO: An EVP/COO in the Supply Chain Industry had grown up in the business, knowing all of the answers and using an authoritarian leadership style. To prepare for a CEO role and to support a strategic shift to a solutions-based business model, this leader needed begin to think and lead strategically, manage through his directors, work collaborative with his peers, and improve engagement with his workforce. Promoted to CEO by the board approximately 1 year after completion of coaching, he re-engaged me as a Trusted Advisor working on board relationships, developing the company culture, and empowering his leadership team.

Expanding Global Impact: With an increasing focus on international growth, a successful Asia Pacific Regional VP in a Biotechnology Company was promoted to Global VP. In the coaching, he was challenged to develop Executive Presence, be seen as thinking globally, work influentially across a broad range of people and cultures, and to develop his team. This Global VP has stabilized his region and delegated the ongoing work to his leadership team. He is actively influencing strategy on regional growth and centralization efforts. He is being recognized for his ability to manage and lead across culture and styles.

Building Influence: A Territory VP in the Education Industry was well regarded for her technical knowledge and experience, energy and analytical abilities. Newly promoted into a territory operational role, she needed to figure out how to lead, manage and develop her geographically dispersed team. More critically, she was seeking to enhance her leadership presence and organizational influence. With intentional engagement of her team individually and collectively, she raised their delivery levels and provided development opportunities. Through enhanced interpersonal skills, influence strategies, and increased network, she became the go-to person in Operations for developing and vetting key initiatives and company strategy.

Professional History

I have over 30 years of experience in finding solutions to leadership and business issues using skills in process improvement, human resources, compensation, and statistics. My career began as a statistical consultant in a forest products research facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. Moving to Hewlett Packard and then to Hercules Incorporated, a specialty chemical company, I used total quality control and statistical tools to improve quality of the manufacturing, specification setting and forecasting. I moved into compensation through a project on gender pay equality, and rose to the role of Global Director of Compensation. Leveraging my strategic focus, I became the HR director for a global business unit and then for the Asia Pacific region based in Singapore. My experience working in the US, Canada, Singapore, and China, and in various business roles informs my work with leaders on the challenges of leading businesses, delivering results through others, and driving change.

Following my corporate career, I began a coaching business in Shanghai in 2006 as I worked toward my first coaching credential, Certified Professional Coach, from the International Coach Academy. My coaching practice has been based in the Philadelphia/Wilmington, DE region since 2008.


Executive M.B.A, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

M.S. Statistics, Colorado State University

B.S. Statistics and Biometry, Cornell University

Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Certified in the following assessments: Hogan, Voices 360, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, Individual Directions Inventory, WorkPlace Big Five, Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks, Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, Influence Style Inventory, and skilled in FIRO, FIRO-B and MBTI.

Coaching Approach

Each coaching engagement begins with the client; as everyone is unique in my or his combination of strengths, opportunities, challenges and business situation. I take a structured approach to creating awareness around the current and future context and situation for this person and organization. I work side by side with my client to clarify business and personal goals for the coaching. With a combination of analytical skills, pragmatic recommendations, in-the-moment feedback, support, and business acumen, I help my clients build on current approaches, develop new skills, and enhance their leadership (and that of their team). Each coaching engagement ends with a review of what has changed, the outcomes from the coaching and what steps will be needed to sustain and build on the work.