Typical Clients

Strengths Development, Strong Communication and Leadership Skills are essential for every professional’s growth. I partner with executives, entrepreneurs, managers and high potential team members, in all sectors, industries and disciplines.

Results Achieved

Client – CFO of international manufacturing firm

Challenge – Highly directive communication style inhibiting leadership effectiveness

Solution – Greater awareness and appreciation of own communication/workstyle and those of others through Strengths Development Coaching and Everything DiSC Workplace training.

ROI – Increased communication and leadership effectiveness 25% as measured by Leadership Fitness tests. Client reported greater self-awareness, improved relationships and communication clarity.

Client – (25) Leadership Faculty and Department Chairs of private, primary, secondary and post-secondary multi-campus school system

Challenge – Poor or no leadership skills, passive aggressive communication style, toxic culture, poor engagement and silo building.

Solution –Situational Leadership training, leadership coaching and 2-year leadership support plan instituted

ROI – Clients reported increased trust, positive communication, realignment around roles and responsibilities, accountability and transparency in goal setting.

Professional History

Bridging my various experiences as a former professional sailor, healthcare business owner, and Executive Coach and Leadership educator, I influence others to think bigger and achieve results. I conduct leadership training workshops, lead team, executive board and manager seminars to develop leaders, leverage individual and team strengths, build partnerships, resolve conflicts, maximize performance and increase engagement levels.


I earned a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University and graduate studies in Leadership Development from Saint Louis University. Member of ICF. I continue to serve as Chief Human Resource Officer, Leadership Development Practice Lead and Executive Leadership Coach for The Audit Group, Inc. As a business owner, I am a practitioner of the models I teach and coach.

Coaching Approach

I chose three world-class servant leadership models because they are intuitive, sustainable, and based on positive psychology, integrating the heart, head and hands of leadership. My coaching approach utilizes the combined 150 years of research and science from Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership® II, Wiley Everything DiSC Workplace and GALLUP – StrengthsFinder.