Typical Clients

Successful senior executives with regional or global leadership responsibility, seeking to scale, expand or transform their businesses. I frequently work with growing organizations to develop next generation leadership strategies for the future.

Results Achieved

An executive leadership team was planning a complex change in strategic direction for the business unit. Through coaching and communication support, these executives implemented the new organization, while keeping employees engaged with zero safety incidents. Two years later, the business unit is one of the top producers in the company.

A marketing executive was returning to work after a mandated leave of absence and demotion, following a series of employee complaints. She had lost credibility and advocacy with her leadership team.   During our 6-month coaching process, she examined her leadership style, made informed decisions about her executive presence and approach moving forward. She has since re-established herself as a successful, professional leader, regained the respect of her colleagues and rebuilt stakeholder relationships. She is currently being considered for promotion.

Professional History

With over 20 years of experience, I have worked with leaders at every level in Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, coaching and leading teams as a seasoned educator, instructional designer, and strategic business partner.


As a Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation, I have a Master of Science in Education, and a deep understanding of organizational learning and change. My doctoral research is on developing next generation executive leaders with a sustainability mindset.

Coaching Approach

Specializing in transition and transformation, I use an evidence-based inquiry approach to understand my clients’ situation, challenge thinking, offer alternative perspectives, and equip decision-making moving forward.