Typical Clients

With over 17 years of experience in business transformation initiatives, I coach executives and their teams to more effectively resource themselves by helping them to establish the necessary conditions for successful business transformation to occur. My clients include senior-level executives and high potential talent in medium to large private and public-sector organisations.

Coaching Approach

I use the Integral Coaching™ method for both individual and team coaching. This approach gives you a way of experiencing the world, including your own development, the struggles and successes of your team, and the specific muscles needed to bring about the people side of business transformation with startling clarity. I also follow an Ontological / Phenomenological Model for leadership development and motivating teams which helps you better understand and practice the ways of ‘being in leadership’. I use the Integrative9 (Enneagram), EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 diagnostics for psychometric evaluation of individuals and teams.

Results Achieved

Example: One client is a senior executive of a large public institution undergoing significant structural and cultural change. While very successful, he had developed a reputation for being ‘The Hammer’ as a problem solver – a distinction that was a source of great personal frustration as well as a limiting factor in his advancement.

This way of being in the workplace closed down the possibility of this executive developing deeper connections and the more inspirational leadership relationships he desired with his staff. It also limited the perceived future potential for this executive in the succession planning of the organization.
Working together, we identified the specific muscles required for being more perceptive to the motivational needs of his staff and responding with greater precision and grace while leading from his instincts. He also developed the capacity to better source his physical and mental resilience in the midst of this change.

Greater clarity of mind combined with greater clarity of intent has enabled this executive to realign the strategic worth of his team within the overall organisation, putting both on an exciting growth trajectory.

Professional History

I am a co-founder of Humaxis Transformation Consulting, and Executive Coach with Cornerstone International Group. I am a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and am currently completing my master’s level certification with Integral Coaching Canada.
I have worked with global consulting organizations leading SAP and PeopleSoft related business transformations in HR, Finance, Retail, Supply Chain and Defence. Before managing enterprise transformations, I worked for global 100 technology companies in sales and marketing.


  • International Coaching Federation Certified Coach
  • Integral Professional Coach™, Integral Coaching Canada
  • Prosci Change Management Professional
  • Master of Business Administration, Athabasca University

Psychometric Tools

  • Integral Coaching™ Constellation Profile
  • Integrative9 Individual Assessment
  • Integrative9 Team Assessment
  • EQ-I 2.0
  • EQ 360