Typical Clients

IT executive leaders hire me to help them address the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.  My individual coaching practice focuses on the IT C-Level and VP executives. In addition, I’ve also had great success with IT mid-management group and team coaching.

Results Achieved

The results are cogent and conclusive. My extensive, IT practical experience combined with a values-based approach provides the context needed to help clients make targeted, efficient decisions with powerful results, fulfilling their vision of success.

Professional History

After a close to 40 successful years building and leading effective IT teams, I stepped away from my corporate career to focus on my true passion –  helping others triumph, personally and professionally.  My reputation in the IT industry is founded on my ability to define the strategy, design, and implementation leadership of actionable IT programs focused on increasing IT value and satisfying the needs of business stakeholders


At the heart of my coaching practice is the desire to create a compelling new vision for my clients’ success, commitment to providing leadership in identifying key motivations, create positive solutions, and enable my coaching clients to set and achieve goals previously unimagined. Since 2013, I’ve had the honor of helping over 130 IT Executives and Leaders across over 50 client companies move forward towards their goal.

Coaching Approach

I pull from my understanding of IT leadership and management combined with empathy, care, and innate ability to listen to ask powerful questions enabling my client to take on new challenges and to design a future around their personal goals.