Typical Clients

I provide Leadership Coaching for executives and entrepreneurs from multiple cultures and backgrounds located around the world. Many of my clients are technology and high growth companies where excellence in leadership is especially crucial. Areas of development for many leaders include bolstering confidence, building and leading high performing teams, improving communication and influence ability, taking their career to the next level and rising to the challenge of a new opportunity.

I also provide systemic team coaching where the whole team experiences and benefits from coaching, not just the team leader. I help the team:

  • Find and align around a common purpose
  • Build trust
  • Achieve their performance objectives
  • Improve how the team members functions and engages with one another
  • Engages with all its stakeholders
  • Learns how to collaborate through adversity or conflict

Results Achieved

Coached the EVP of Global Consulting and Research Organization

Coaching Focus: Understand his overuse of analytical skills when dealing with some colleagues and mitigate his tendency to have to win every argument and to interact with certain stake holders in a more formal way.

Outcomes: The leader improved his self-awareness through use of assessments and a 360 degree interview process. He gained insight into how he was perceived by all players in the company, toned down his approach and intensity of engagement and began to adapt his behavior appropriate to his audience.

Coached the co-founders and CEO of a Technology Start-Up

Coaching focus: Building confidence, managing and motivating team, work/life balance and delegating and relinquishing control.

Outcomes: Increased their ability to acknowledge and appreciate their successes, trust their instincts in their decision making ability, developed more leadership tools to manage a young and diverse team of people and achieved a better structure which allows them to take time off without anxiety.

Professional History

For the last twelve years, I’ve been an executive coach and adviser and worked with teams to develop their ability to work as a high functioning unit. I’ve held leadership positions and consulted with large corporations and start-ups and understand the skills and leadership acumen necessary to succeed in both. My previous experience was with companies as diverse as The Walt Disney Company, Ernst and Young Consulting, an internet incubator and a number of startup companies in the tech field. As a consultant, I managed a wide variety of projects in human capital deployment, alignment and utilization. My background in talent acquisition, leadership development and succession planning prepared me to work with individuals who want to strengthen their capacity to lead and have a bigger impact.

I’ve lived and worked in Ireland, U.K., the Middle East and Africa.


PCC accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Advanced Certified Personal and Personal and Executive Coach (ACPEC); College of Executive Coaching

B.A. Social Psychology, University of Sussex

D.M.S. Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, University of Ulster

Certified Facilitator for CoreClarity; CiQ Conversational Intelligence Practitioner; Certified Coach Master Toolkit Practitioner;

Certified in Systemic Team Coaching and the EQi-2.0 assessment

Certified Virtual Presenter

Coaching Approach

I understand the more senior you get in your role, the harder it is to get honest feedback and I work with you to challenge your assumptions, discover your blind-spots and support you in your development and growth. I help you identify and appreciate your unique talents and develop any areas of emotional intelligence that may be holding you back

I believe in building strong rapport with my clients and ensuring there is alignment between their goals and those of the client sponsor. I challenge assumptions, ask powerful questions and listen carefully while encouraging mindset shifts as well as behavior change.  Focusing on short term goals and even goals for each coaching session is just as important as the long term and I encourage my clients to recognize and celebrate progress along the way. I recommend they complete a development plan and take ownership of their own change process.