Coaching Approach

I create an environment where my profound presence enables clients who work with me to get insights which they can apply to overcome their challenge. I take a holistic approach, understand the context of the client, who they are, what are their strengths, help them identify potential blocks and challenges that may be getting in their way to be able to perform to their full potential.

By facilitating greater awareness of leadership and communication style and impact, I enable clients to identify and understand their own strengths and critical areas for development.  I understand how to engage, connect with people at different levels, how they think and behave, and how their values and experiences shape their performance and work satisfaction levels. These skills allow me to successfully guide organizations and individuals to create impactful and sustainable changes by practicing new and creative ways to shift behavior.

Typical Clients

I work with leaders when they step into a new role, are asked to lead a critical project /organization, address competency gaps, engage a new team, face new challenges, or just proactively invest in their own development.  I partner with my clients in a way that they can identify their strengths and work with their strengths to deal with the challenges presented by their role, and expand their presence in the way they communicate and lead.

Results Achieved

These are stories of partnership success accomplished through an engaged, willing and enabled client supported by my coaching competencies applied to achieve performance breakthrough.  (1) A newly promoted Asia Pacific leader – This leader has many of her team members more senior to her in terms of age and number of years of experience. Coaching helped her manage the diverse group and create inclusion and sense of belonging. She was very action-oriented and was proficient in resolving crisis. I helped identify her strengths, what she appreciated about herself, what she could amplify, and what were other skills that she could further develop. I helped her identify her leadership style, become aware of her blind spots, expand her awareness on her potential derailers in her new role. Coaching helped her in how she communicated with people whose style was different from hers, how she become more reflective and less reactive, and how it enhanced her collaborative and appreciative nature. She was able to reframe, refocus and redirect her action-oriented strengths to become a leader who is much calmer and lead the company through the Covid-19 crisis and associated challenges. Her current leadership style is well received, and she is seen as an asset to continue to grow market share in Asia Pacific.

(2) Director and Brand Manager for a HK based travel retailer of luxury products to enhance his self-confidence in the new role, leadership skill and competency and develop his Executive Presence. The client not only applied the skills with his team and while presenting in front of the board of directors but got promoted within six months of completing his coaching.

(3) Head of Marketing for Telecommunication Solutions Company’s international operation within the Global Enterprise & Services division based in HK. Coaching was to develop her leadership capabilities, managing her team and delegating effectively to her team so that she can grow her team and herself. As a result of the coaching, she moved to a global role out of HK.

(4) North Asia Regional Sales and Account Relationship Manager for a lady in an Australian Bank based in HK. Coaching was to develop her self-confidence in her new role, being a leader, managing her team and develop her team to work together and getting them engaged so that they continue to grow within the organization. She not only managed to get her team to be engaged and stopped the employee turnover but had her team as one to achieve spectacular record-breaking revenues and was promoted to manage both South Asia and North Asia regions.

Professional History

I brings my 20+ years of corporate work experience to my coaching sessions and workshops so I remain practical, anticipate bottlenecks and empower people on their journey of personal and professional development. I have been coaching leaders across various industries for the past 9 years through transitions by building their self-confidence and leveraging their key strengths.

Through my own journey of transitions, and leveraging my 2019 EMC INSEAD thesis, on Career Transitions, I have developed a constructive approach to helping leaders discover qualities and capabilities they do not consciously recognize.


I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Change(INSEAD) along with numerous coaching accreditations including; PCC ICF, ICC Level 2 Certified Coach, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach, Ontological Coach, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Successful Negotiation – Essential Strategies and Skills: University of Michigan, Harrison Accredited Practitioner, DISC Certified Practitioner, GENOS EI Certified Practitioner, LEA 360, ICF Hong Kong Chapter Ex-Board Member.