Working over 30 years in multinational corporations has empowered me with experience across a variety of cultures, roles and industries. Now as an ICF Associate Certified Coach, I bring a rich combination of knowledge and experience to my coaching practice.

I partner with organizations to identify, develop and retain high potential employees to foster sustainable excellence. Throughout my career the focus has always been on empowering others to achieve their highest potential. I utilize years of experience across industries such as banking, security, electronic manufacturing and software.

I employ tools to measure a high potential’s ability to respond rather than respond to people and situations, especially under stress. It is more of a leading indicator measure which can show the employee both the “good signs” and “red flags” in their nature character traits that can lead them to be successful in navigating stress or derail and be unsuccessful.

Primary Mission: Engaging with professionals in order to assist them to be more of who they truly are and facilitate tapping into their full potential. I believe when I impact one person, I impact an entire organization. This inspires me to bring the best to every client and ensure a positive impact on the organization’s excellence.

Typical Clients

I focus my coaching expertise on high potentials in the middle to senior levels of an organization. My method requires stakeholder engagement to enable the client to see how others perceive them along with their own perception. Combining assessment, interviews and other tools as required, we identify the themes for development. The critical success comes from measuring the progress with the same stakeholders to see real results.

I am a change agent for the high potential to:

  • Understand how their character traits serve their career aspirations
  • Develop their self-management for traits that threaten their success
  • Build relationships and accountability to their key stakeholders
  • Create the resilience to step out of their comfort zone to tap into their full potential

I am a partner with the organization to:

  • Ensure they identify high potentials who have the character traits to success
  • Develop a strong pool of employees who are capable of stepping up into the next role ensuring a succession plan
  • Retaining their best employees and not losing them to their competitors by investing in their development

Coaching Approach

I am trained primarily as an ICF coach, which ensures I meet the worldwide core competency standards, ethics and continuing education to always deliver the best coaching practices to my clients. I have chosen to use a combination of a consulting and coaching approach to enable me to have a complete view of the professional I am working with.

I treat each client as an individual and tailor my methods to what is most effective for the client. I don’t subscribe to a set model or single method; rather, I use a variety of techniques depending on circumstances and learning style.

Through the process we:

  • Understand the coaching context and establish the vision/goals of the engagement
  • Apply the appropriate assessment tools to heighten awareness from both the professional and the stakeholders
  • Create a targeted and custom development plan to help the high potential create a compelling future that aligns with who they are at full potential
  • Coach to the development plan ensuring measurable actions are taken to move forward on the plan
  • Engage with the stakeholders at appropriate check-in points to gain feedback on the results of the development plan
  • Debrief and celebrate the coaching journey

I strongly believe that sustainable improvements and behavioral changes start with my client’s awareness. When my clients are authentic in being servant leaders, they make better decisions, achieve optimal outcomes and reach their goals faster.

Results achieved

Example: I coached the Chief Financial Officer of a national non-profit organization. She found herself at a cross-roads in regards to leaving her position due to unmanageable stress. When working in a non-profit, there is more work than funds to properly staff the business for growth. This manifested as an inability to allow herself to step back, set boundaries and prioritize. Her default was to sacrifice herself and her optimal performance.

I worked with her over the course of several weeks, to gain insight into where the source of her internal conflicts resided. We addressed her need to be the one to save everyone else at any cost. A classic high performer trait, which prevented her from tapping into her potential. Once she became aware of her own behaviors (and habits), she was able to begin the process of identifying what actions were possible to change her own behavior.

As a result of working with me, she was able to prioritize the application of a large grant that enabled the organization to invest in its growth. She began to make conscious decisions about training staff and hiring part-time staff for less critical tasks. This enabled her to stabilize her stressors and re-engage in a full life outside of work. She has recently left her organization for a C level position due to her solid foundation she achieved during coaching.

Professional History

Career transition has been a significant part of my coaching experience. I have engaged mainly with individuals to elevate their careers to the next level. Organizations have consulted with me for succession plans for high potentials.

Prior to commencing my coaching career I held positions of influence across an organization. I have worked in various areas of an organization such as; accounting, consulting, business development, software product development, mentoring staff and business strategy.

My 30 years of corporate experience in global brands (PNC Bank, Matsushita/Panasonic, Oracle (previously Hyperion Software), BDO Seidman, SAP (previously Outlooksoft) and PROs, helped me accumulate a vast experience in leadership and management. I held mid-level positions such as Controller, Consulting Manager, Business Development Expert for Japan, Director of Product Management.

I have been involved with my professional community as a volunteer ICF Austin Board Member. I provide pro-bono coaching through the ICF Austin Chapter community service.

I am a New Jersey born transplant to Texas.


  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Intelligent Leadership Executive Certified Coach via John Mattone University
  • Professional Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Professional Coach with 150 hours with inviteCHANGE, Washington
  • HCI Certified Strategic Workforce Planner, HCM
  • Trained in Design Thinking and Agile
  • Pragmatic Marketing certifications in Product Management and Pricing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and MBA in Finance from William Paterson University, New Jersey