Typical Clients

Executives in transition, who are looking to change roles, geographies, or their current career path. Especially helpful in situations that involve international responsibilities and working with teams across departments, cultures and countries. Have assisted executives accelerate their career development by helping make them become more self aware and strategic thinking to achieve their career and personal goals.

Results Achieved

A common situation is helping technically strong or execution focused executives learn how to delegate and focus on being more strategic and identifying ways to grow or even redirect their businesses for greater efficiency and profitability.

Other successes are in the area of assisting executives develop their teams such that when they leave, performance will not decrease as they have built a solid management team that can operate and thrive in their absence. Thus, the organization has more confidence to move them into a new role.

Professional History

Executive with 28-years of diverse experiences in managing businesses, sourcing and making private equity investments, providing financial advisory, executive coaching and leadership development services, the last 12 years of which have been in Mainland China. Prior roles include investment banking Managing Director, CFO and Chief Representative of the Shanghai office for a USA based private equity firm.


I received my Master in Business Administration Degree from the Harvard Business School and my Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of California Berkley Haas School of Business.  I also am a Resilience Institute certified Leadership Development Trainer and Executive Coach.

Coaching Approach

I help executives visualize their career or managerial goals and then assist them to devise a plan to achieve these objectives during our 4 – 6 months of working together. Often, we need to focus on the fact that what has allowed them to achieve success up until this point, may not be the best way to achieve their future goals and may require adjusting their management style.  In between coaching sessions, I assign “Homework” whereby the coachee works on two to three specific tasks to complete before our next session, thereby achieving a series of minor victories on their journey of accomplishing their major goals.