Typical Clients

My clients are senior executives and emerging leaders in the industries of health care, biotech, tech, finance, real estate, and professional services.
Results Achieved

Example #1: I coached a newly hired VP at a development company in the US who was tasked with revitalizing the company. During coaching, she created, got buy-in for, and implemented a strategic plan that removed inefficiency and revamped processes, as well as strengthened the company’s reputation in the community.

Example #2: I coached a Head of PR at a high-tech company in the US who needed to improve her leadership and communication skills. Through coaching, she shifted her thinking, approach to work, and communication style, as well as built increased resilience for handling setbacks. She was promoted to global head of PR because of her new confident leaderships and her increased capacity to set strategy and develop team members.

Professional History:

I am a former physician who shifted from practicing medicine to creating a healthcare writing company. I transitioned to coaching to have a more direct and focused impact on personal effectiveness, so that people and their organizations can thrive. I leverage neuroscience concepts and tools in my coaching.


My undergraduate and MD degrees are from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. I am a Certified Neuro Transformational Coach (CNTC) through BeAbove Leadership and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation.
Coaching Approach

I use a high-level strategic approach and stepwise, measurable action planning to help clients navigate change, build new leadership skills, and manage stress productively. My coaching draws on neuroscience concepts and tools that clients can apply to all aspects of their lives.