Coaching Approach

The impetus for coaching is change and success depends on having a growth mindset and thirst for learning. My approach is to be fully present to experience the reality of the situation to help individuals find the courage to bring what really matters into the conversation. I help my clients get to the core of the issue and identify and remove blocks that may be getting in their way.  I challenge them in a respectful way, not only to face their fears, but to develop their own resourcefulness to overcome those fears.

Taking a practical approach, I engage in a process to first understand the business context and the leaders’ strengths, challenges and opportunities in support of building leadership capacity and mutual trust.  With clarity around the vision, motivation, and intent, I work as a trusted thinking partner co-creating a coaching action plan and collaborating on the best way forward to reach the leader’s desired outcomes.

Typical Clients

My clients are successful business leaders who are open to learning and developing their growth mindset to shift from good to great!  Whether it is working with a Chief Financial Officer faced with complex refinancing issues, or a team leader faced with communication changes to a diverse global workforce, I help my clients get to the core of the issue and identify and remove blocks that may be getting in the leader’s way. The clients I engage with realize that leadership starts with self and necessitates an inside-out approach.

Results Achieved

A newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of a professional services organization was extremely successful in taking the organization through a major change in direction that resulted in rapid growth and expansion.

With a bias for action and a proven track record this leader knew how to get things done.  Coaching was recommended as feedback had been received that he was not collaborative in his leadership style. Through a qualitative 360° assessment, I gathered information from the Board, his peers and his direct reports.  With the findings received we began our coaching relationship with a clear understanding of how he was being perceived, what was working well, what needed attention and suggestions for what he might do differently. We co-created a coaching action plan that was foundational to our work and the desired outcomes. Through understanding how he was impacting others he chose to adapt his style and his behavior.  He slowed down his pace, created space for more inclusive interactions, and practiced a more deliberate way of leading.

Engaged to work 1:1 with senior leaders I am frequently relied upon to work with the leader’s team. One team I worked with in the pharmaceutical industry had experienced consistent changes in the organization and the industry over a prolonged period-of time. The relentless changes had resulted in lethargy within the team.  Taking a coach approach, I built trust within the team to have the difficult conversations, and over a period of 9 months worked methodically to rebuild a level of shared accountability that restored joy and meaning in their work.

Professional History

I have worked on the people side of business in corporate environments for 30 years. I started my career as a Professional Human Resource Leader where I gained valuable business experience working in healthcare, technology, resort development and professional services. My specialty within human resources was start-up and mergers and acquisitions. For the last 20 years I have worked as an entrepreneurial business owner working in partnership with corporate entities to provide leadership coaching and leadership development services to leaders and their teams.


I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF); Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada; a Certified Evidence Based Coach, Fielding Graduate University, California; Accredited ICF Coach Mentor, InviteChange, US; Accredited Coaching Supervisor, Academy of Coaching Supervision, UK; Standout Strengths Assessment & Coaching Trained, The Marcus Buckingham Company (ADP), US; Masters of Art (Organization Management & Development), Fielding Graduate University, California; “Dare to Lead ™ Trained” Certificate, Dare to Lead – Brené Brown, Canada.

I am certified in multiple psychometric assessment tools for personal and team development including The Birkman Method, MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, MBTI I & II, DISC, TMBC’s Standout Strengths Assessment and EQP emotional intelligence.