Coaching Approach

I am working with individuals and teams who are focused on achieving their goals and building a fulfilling career – individuals who are keen to take time to reflect and have their thinking challenged. I work with clients to build a safe environment that provides time to step back from the day-to-day role and explore personal drivers, mindsets, behaviors, and desired outputs. My approach is informed by a variety of psychological, and leadership theories, best practices of high-performance leadership and perspectives, creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment where clients can be their true, authentic selves.

During leadership development workshops, I focus on creating an energized environment that encourages the practice of new methodologies and tools for Leadership and learn new skills.  The focus throughout is how to transfer key learning back to the workplace to ensure the learning journey continues.  My coaching and learning interventions lead to tangible change for the clients.

Typical Clients

My clients are executives who want to become more effective in leading their organizations to achieve better business results, grow their career, and to improve personal effectiveness as individuals and leaders. They are intelligent, hardworking, motivated, and have a strong desire to continuously improve themselves. Certain behavior may be holding them back from becoming more successful.

Results Achieved

The Head of sales of an IT company was very good at consistently delivering business results that exceed management expectations, yet he was abrasive and explosive.  He started being pessimistic and had conflicts with his direct reports and peers. Through coaching, he became aware of the cause of his behavior and learned what triggered his negative emotions.

I then helped him increase his awareness of his emotions and his actions.  He developed prioritization and delegated more to his team. As a result, he was able to improve his time management to have more time for his personal life and improve both the maturity of his team and teamwork with his peers.

I conducted group coaching to the senior team operations directors of an automotive company. The principal challenge for that team was to reduce the conflicts in the area to improve the KPIs of Production and Quality.   As a result of the coaching, the team became more positive toward one other and more productive as a team which led to improved business results.

Professional History

Consultant and Electronic Engineer with 18 years of corporate experience in global IT and Mobile Telecommunications companies (NOKIA, American Mobile and MSI). Leading telecommunications & IT projects and teams at Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil.

Entrepreneur and Business Manager since 2012, I work as a creator of the technology startup’s STRATUOS platform. Solid experience in high-performance management development, multicultural mobility, diversity, and inclusion.


I am a certified coach by ICI (Integrated Coaching Institute) and with the International Coaching Federation credential- PCC (more than 1200 hours). I received my BS Electronic Engineering degree from the IUPFAN of Venezuela and attended MBA from FGV (Fundação Getulio Vargas) of Brazil. I am accredited in Janusian Leadership Assessment: Self & 360, MPP (Personal & Professional Maturity), and Phoenix – QA (Resilience -Self &360). I also have experience in leading leadership workshops, team coaching, and leadership group coaching.