Coaching Approach

In my practice I use a systematic and structured approach. I combine high level support and ability to challenge a client. I create an opportunity for the coachee to find internal resources and discover their own potential.

Typical Clients

My main clients are directors, entrepreneurs and senior executives who aim to become more effective in leading their teams and achieve impressive results.

Results Achieved

A successful regional sales director was relocated to a new position in a larger region as a next step of his career. He was faced with a number of challenges: new team, new head and new business conditions. As a result of our coaching sessions he created a clear vision of desired results, and developed a strategic plan. On successive coaching sessions we gradually moved to realization of this plan, establishing the detailed steps. We worked on how to overcome apparent obstacles such as resistance of the team to changes, issues with neighbor departments, low performing employees. As the result of my support the director successfully fulfilled the plan, exceeded expectations, and was promoted to a new level.

Professional History

For over 17 years I worked in management positions in leading market organizations. This gave me extensive experience in developing new, successful leaders, who took the positions of branch directors, regional sales directors, and senior executives. For almost 10 years I held top-level positions in one of the largest international insurance companies, AIG, constantly using a coaching approach in work with my team.


I am a PCC-ICF credentialed coach (since 2014) and by now I have over 2500 hours of individual and team coach sessions.

I am also certified in: Coach mastery, Coaching for Negotiations and Team coaching (Erickson International), Executive development skills (LOMA-LIMRA), Supervision (ICP Center), Coaching as management style (A. Savkin).