Typical Clients

My clients include entrepreneurs, Directors and C-level leaders in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

Results Achieved

The CEO of a start-up in Silicon Valley was dealing with rapid changes and was feeling the pressure to adopt and implement new strategies quickly. Poor time management skills was preventing her from strategizing and staying calm. By working together for six months, she was able to become more efficient, self-aware and found creative ways of delegating and solving problems in the midst of challenging situations.

Results: She was eventually able to take her company to a higher level of maturity successfully taking her company to next series of rounds for capital funding.

A VP of sales was faced with the challenge of helping his team navigate through significant changes while maintaining a high level of performance and employee engagement during a merge. We worked together on clarifying values and brainstormed on specific training the team needed during the newfound operation.

Results: His team was able to maximize effectiveness through the turmoil of change.

Professional History

I am the principal at The Naked Elephant Coaching Group and an Executive Leadership Coach for Cornerstone International Group with more than 20 years of experience in business development, mostly as an entrepreneur. In 1999, I founded my first business venture in satellite television as a distributor of Directv services. Three years later, turned it into a $8-million-a-year company. My leadership helped my company be recognized as the #1 distributor for the U.S. Hispanic market three years in a row.


I hold a certificate in Emotional Intelligence and Diversity. I am a PCC of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I hold a certificate as an Ontological Coach from Newfield Network an ICF accredited coaching program and has over 2,000 of training as a Co-Active Leadership coach. Also a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Leadership.

Coaching Approach

As an executive coach, I bring to my sessions over 1,000 hours of professional practice as an Ontological coach helping executives and emerging leaders achieve higher potential while maintaining a quality of life that is fulfilling. I am an excellent strategic partner and a strong leader who helps my clients forward the action by empowering them to articulate and implement a compelling vision. I am known for having my clients immediately practice new leadership skills on potential issues. My intercultural literacy helps my clients understand cultural whys behind behavior, seeing the benefits and limitations of all norms, helping them transcend their own perspective while embracing a leadership style that is empathetic and engaging. Through my many years of experience with executives, I have gained tools to help others transform negative emotions and self-talk into productive messages, including skills on how to effectively help people deal with change, diversity, and ambiguity. I am fluent in Spanish and English.