My clients are talented executives faced with the opportunity of moving from managerial behaviour to that of Leadership – irrespective of the role they currently hold.

Generally they have responded to the need to commit to challenging actions and have exhibited the energy borne of new found purpose. From time to time this has not happened and their sponsors have learnt much and acted accordingly.

Results achieved

  • ‘Ian led me through a structured process to separate current issues from long term objectives. Altogether an engagement which helped me set priorities , plan realistic and time bound actions and deliver beneficial results’
  • ‘ Ian was particularly helpful in getting me to challenge my own self limiting beliefs and in allowing my mind to come up with and explore options I had preferred not to consider’
  • ‘ Prompting me to visualise my own best future rather than a version constrained by my existing role and responsibilities was an eye opener. Members of the Leadership team responded so positively to my initiatives – I was surprised, delighted and energised. at a time when the business had to reduce headcount I not only survived but grew in responsibility’

Professional History

After an earlier career with a multi-national US  FMCG business which instilled in me the need for structure and analytical thinking, I made a semi-enforced but nonetheless welcome move into Executive Search which I have found both rewarding and stimulating. Specifically recruiting for the C-Suite has been both demanding and worthwhile, particularly when appointed candidates have made significant impact.

Along the way I also benefitted from a crash course in psychology and psychometrics. I was inducted into Executive Coaching as part of the Cornerstone Group initiative to broaden its consultancy offer and was encouraged by clients to complete the demanding three-year accreditation process. Coaching is now my prime focus while supporting colleagues locally and internationally in the Executive Search world.


Bachelor of Arts – Modern History, Economics and Politics – University of Manchester

Accredited user of Psychometrics – British Psychology Society

Accredited Executive coach – International Coaching Federation

Credentialed coach – Cornerstone International Group

Coaching Approach

I work hard to eliminate myself from the problem solving process while always aiming to bring challenge in the interests of my clients. I strive to listen with awareness of both the verbal and non-verbal messages and to be persistently inquisitive hopefully whilst maintaining  rapport.

While my business and Executive Search experience gives many of my clients confidence in my level of understanding of the issues they face they would be surprised at how few times I actually take off my coaching hat to jointly brain storm options.

Their organisations have generally noted positively the impact of my coaching