Coaching Approach

I have found that each person or group I coach is unique. In building the coaching relationship, I work to understand the client’s needs, to focus on what is important to the client.  I believe that building a trusting relationship is key to fostering discovery, growth, and self awareness.  I incorporate conversation around the client’s values and work to guide the client’s energy towards action and favorable outcomes.

When working as an Agile Coach, I also incorporate teaching and mentoring.  With a shift towards Digitalization and the use of Agile Methodologies, the Agile coach can work at all levels of the Enterprise to deepen the understanding and to facilitate a mindset change.

Typical Clients

As an internal coach, my clients have included Managing Directors, Directors, and high potential talent in the Banking and Technology space.  My clients are in the New York City area as well as Continental Europe.  My focus is on Agile Transformation, and Conflict Management, and Women in Leadership.

Results Achieved

Designed and conducted a Group Coaching program around conflict management.  Clients gained awareness on their personal conflict management styles and discovered how to choose styles that would achieve their desired outcomes.   The feedback was so positive managers start mandating their team members to attend.

Designed and conducted a Group Training on Agile Methodologies and followed this with individual coaching on Agile Transformation.  Clients were able to quickly transition to the new mindset and achieve higher levels of efficiency.

Example of Individual: One client had peaked in her role and was looking for the next challenge.  She was faced with uncertainty on which direction she wanted to take.  We worked together to identify her strengths, values, passion, and energy.  Through this self-discovery, she was able to make the next big career step with confidence and certainty.

Example of Individual: Working with a Managing Director who was faced with the possibility of forced retirement.  We focused on his outside interests and the field of possibilities.  This created a significant energy shift allowing him to design actions and focus on specific interests. The client has indicated that he is now more prepared and excited for the future.

Professional History

I bring over four decades of experience in the IT Industry starting as an Engineer to managing global teams developing International banking software operating in 30 locations worldwide.  In my career, I have experienced the role of designer, developer, Project Manager, Delivery Manager, Solution Architect, and Scrum Master

In the last decade, I took a strong interest in Women in Leadership and chaired the a NY Women’s network and sat on an International Network Steering Committee.  Out of this came a passion to assist women to reach their career goals.  I saw coaching as the best approach, obtained my ICF Associate Coaching certification and became an internal coach focused on Women in Leadership.  Over time, more people were interested in coaching and I expanded my internal coaching to include group coaching.

More recently, I obtained my Agile Coaching certification and have been training, mentoring, and coaching individuals and groups on Agile Methodologies and mindset transformation.


  • ICF PCC Coaching Certification
  • ICP ACC Agile Coaching Certification
  • Certified Scrum Master