Typical Clients

Most of my clients are Directors and senior managers in large public and non-profit organizations in BC’s multi-cultural Lower Mainland. They want to improve organizational culture and develop teams to meet performance targets and organizational objectives.

I also work with emerging leaders who want to accelerate growth and expand their scope of responsibility with strategic planning, effective management and communication skills, and leverage their team’s unique talents and strengths to fulfill their potential.

Results Achieved

A Senior Project Manager received feedback that his authoritarian management style was diminishing respect from team members. We examined his beliefs about positional power and considered leadership approaches to empower and inspire engagement.  He realized that while his directive style of sharing knowledge based on experience seemed expedient it was met with resistance. He experimented with being more coach-like to strengthen working relationships with the teams he served.

An Acting HR Director rolling out new administrative systems technology also wanted to change her team’s culture to a customer service orientation. We mapped out a strategic plan and built her confidence to promote it and execute with significant success. She also became more effective at having difficult conversations with staff which led to optimal talent allocation and increased engagement.

A senior leadership team recognized they could improve communication and increase trust in their organization. Conducting the Conversational Intelligence® Catalyst Tool revealed that the stressful nature of their advocacy work was impacting these goals. A stress recovery program for the extended management team was introduced to bring a wellness orientation into the culture.

Professional History

Coaching for 20 years, I’ve been a Professional Certified Coach with ICF since 2007, joined as ACC in 2003, and attained MCC in 2019. Leadership coaching has been provided in large organizations in education, health care, social services, energy and environment sectors along with business coaching in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Leadership roles in post-secondary education and training gave me experience in working collaboratively to manage projects across multiple departments and using coaching effectively as a management style.


  • Master Certified Coach, ICF
  • Certified in Conversational Intelligence® WBECS, with C-IQ Catalyst Tool Qualification
  • Core Dynamics Coaching Certification, GLT
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach, CTI
  • Certified Business Counsellor, APEC IBiz
  • Strength Deployment Inventory, Relationship Awareness Theory Qualification
  • Thomas Kilman Conflict Styles Inventory facilitator
  • Coach Training in Living Systems Team & Group Coaching, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), Corporate Coaching
  • Associate Certificate in Media Resources

Coaching Approach

Neuroscience based coaching methods are used to develop an empathetic approach to communication that lowers stress and reactivity and increases trust. This creates dynamic conversations that connect, matching intent with impact and fostering innovation.

With strengths in deep listening I partner with clients to gain their trust which allows me to influence change with new perspectives.  Their impact and authentic leadership persona are fostered by increasing self-awareness and aligning their core values with organizational values. New skills are developed as they leverage strengths and address identified gaps to enhance performance or prepare to perform at the next level. Mentor coaching is provided for those learning to use coaching as a management style.