Most of my clients are from multinationals and national companies with overseas operations. In most cases I work with CEOs, General Managers, VPs and Directors, Entrepreneurs, most C Level executives that need to develop skills to continue growing in their careers. They tend to work with me as partners and fully trust in my coaching skills, global vision and experience as Finance Manager, HR Director and General Manager.


I coached the CEO and his entire management team of one of the most important telecommunication companies in the world. He was assigned to lead the operations in Peru. He is a very experienced executive and well educated, however, needed to adapt his culture to the Peruvian environment and to learn how to lead an executive Peruvian team. The six months coaching program supported the leader in developing new skills, learning local culture, adapting his leadership style and changing behaviors and enhancing his competencies of impacting and influencing people.


I have over 30 years of executive experience in consumer goods, petroleum and management consulting in companies such as: Procter & Gamble, Clorox Latin America and DBM. I have managed several HR consulting projects such as: Identification of HIPOs, Executive Search, Talent Acquisition Projects, Succession Planning, Executive Coaching, Outplacements, Leadership Assessments and Training Development Programs. I am currently President of MDS Group, Director of Cornerstone in Perú, Director of CL Selection and Managing Partner of Career Partners in Peru.


  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified coach by the CCEC
  • Associate Certified Coach by the ICF.


I always build relationships of trust and high degree of communication in order to receive the maximum amount of real information. I am sensitive to my clients’ concern and main areas of challenge but at the same time, I always focus on the business result of my client and the organization, making sure the goals of both are aligned. Always wrap up the session and give feedback before closing it.

Each engagement is for an average of five to six months with a session per week, normally 90 minutes per face session.