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China Enters A New Year With A New Normal

 This weekend, the population of China and millions of ex-pats around the world will begin two weeks of celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Following the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, this will be the return of the Year of the Rooster, but to a greatly different China this time. China is entering a crucial

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Are You An Ideal Team Player?

Our team recently had the opportunity to read Patrick Lencioni’s new book The Ideal Team Player. The ideal team player that Lencioni and his team arrived at is one who is Humble, Hungry, and Smart. For those not familiar with Lencioni’s work, he also authored another one of my favorites, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Building successful teams

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Importance of building fences

The Importance of Building Fences

Philip Humbert reminded me of the importance of building fences. Philip sends a weekly newsletter that is waiting for me each and every Sunday morning. The TIPS Title recently was Good Fences Make Us Rich. He has consistently been creating this weekly newsletter and he always makes me think. He continually asks me a more beautiful question as

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Are Natural Leaders the Only Kind?

Since school days we’ve been exposed to natural leaders – people who tend to take charge among their peers and are the popular choice to captain teams and lead groups. A good example is David Beckham who retired from professional soccer this year after leading his team, Paris St. Germain, to victory and the top

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Let the Dog Eat Your Cell Phone…

  Beep. Ring. Honk. Strum. Chirp. Whatever your “alert” of choice, in today’s constantly connected world, these sounds from our phones are hard, if not impossible, to ignore. Ask yourself: What would happen if I didn’t immediately respond to that text, email, voicemail, smoke signal, etc? What happened to the 9-to-5 job? What happened to the line

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Corporate Talent Strategy – What Do You Stand For?

Laurie O’Donnell continues the discussion on today’s critical need to define a corporate sense of purpose in any talent strategy In today’s changing world, CEOs are under more pressure to transform, adapt and align organisations to succeed or, increasingly, just to survive. With so many business-critical issues demanding attention, should they also take responsibility for

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Do You Have a Sense of Purpose?

When employers and recruiters list the most sought-after attributes in key candidates, a sense of purpose doesn’t often show high on the list. That’s understandable.  In the thinking of many people, the concept of feeling fulfilled, or having a sense of purpose at work, may seem like a luxury for a select few.   Purpose-driven employees

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Corporate culture is based on the premise that people buy from people they trust

Think of Corporate Culture as your Compass

We have seen references to corporate culture recently in the news – and not in a good context. Wells Fargo, the second biggest bank in the U.S. has agreed to pay a fine of $185 million for dishonest sales practices. Employees boosted their paychecks by opening some two million new credit card and bank accounts

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Olympians Teach Us Inner Strength

“My Cornerstone” is a blog series introduced by Cornerstone International Group Chairman Simon Wan, relating the lessons of business and life.  Read the first article here The recent Rio Olympic Games brings to mind one of my favorite aphorisms, made by an American track and field athlete who found inner strength to come back and win medals

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Strategic Leadership Has Become Critical

In a recent post here, the author pointed out that business leadership was in danger of losing its meaning.  By far the largest number of leaders manage effectively for today, but very few also direct and apply strategies for leading tomorrow.  Not all leadership is strategic leadership. The need for strategic leadership has never been

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Swallowing a Monster

Last week, Dutch recruiter Randstad Holding agreed to pay $429M ($3.40 a share) for Monster, a pioneer of the online job posting industry that once traded at over $90 a share.   So now Randstad is buying Monster. Monster was one of the original market leaders in terms of job boards. It expanded quickly and

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Ignore The Noise and Move On

If you live and work in Europe, you are surviving the very high noise level caused by Brexit. If you live in North America, you are doomed until November to suffer the racket kicked up by the reality show Presidential Elections produced by the Ringling Bros. In France and Germany, it’s your turn next year.

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