Do’s & Don’ts of Phone Interviews

By Caroline Kenagy, Brand Manager

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Like many other things we have adapted over the last 2 years, phone interviews are not going away anytime soon. Phone interviews can be a good way to get an unbiased idea of a potential candidate. For some, phone interviews ease the nerves of being face to face with your potential coworker. Others that thrive on human connection and their own people skills might struggle with the idea of a phone interview. Recruiters often use a phone interview as a way to “Pre-Screen” candidates before spending the time, money, and energy on bringing them into the office. Regardless, there are a couple Do’s & Don’t of Phone Interviews that will always be true.


  • Smile, the tone of your voice changes when you smile
  • Dress up as if the interview were in person
  • Have your resume, the job description, company research and interviewee’s LinkedIn profile handy
  • Use a professional tone when speaking
  • Send an email following up for the next meeting
  • Have clear and concise answers ready for common interview questions


  • Chew gum, breath mints, eat ANYTHING
  • Have any distractions in the room (other webpages, children, pets)
  • Be on the go, in the car, on a walk
  • Interrupt during the conversation
  • Have your ringer on to hear other calls
  • Use filler words when speaking
  • Take the call off speaker phone or use Bluetooth

Remember, you are dealing with pros who can see you through your voice. This is more than a conversation. This is a first impression whether it is in person or over the phone. Take it seriously, pay attention to the inflection when you speak and be yourself.

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