The Interview – Advice for a Job Seeker

This sends so many different thoughts and messages.  Wikipedia describes an interview as a conversation between two people … where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.  The underlying perception is this is a conversation to determine if you (the interviewee) should become a part of whatever the interviewer is involved with.  A company, a charity, a school…

Maybe that is the incorrect perspective.  Should it be a conversation to determine if you, the interviewee, want to become part of whatever the interviewer is involved with?  My description is that it is a conversation to learn more about something …an opportunity …a person … a situation.  It is a conversation between two people.  Open communications are important for success.

Indications are that hiring is improving, at least at certain levels and organizations.  I expect it will reach most levels within many organizations this year.  That means there will be more interviews.  How well prepared are you?

I believe most people who are active in a job search take an opportunity to interview seriously, and prepare themselves accordingly.  They do research on the organization, both internet, and personal networking.  They talk with people who they can identify and reach that are or have been affiliated with the organization.  They know considerable about the organization.  How should they handle this information during the interview?

Interviewers within the organization also need to prepare for the interview.  Although everyone’s schedule is tight, a one-hour interview does not take you away from “getting your job done.”  It gives you an opportunity to participate in a process that will have a meaningful impact on your organization – both short-term and into the future.  Reading a resume 15 minutes before the interviewee shows up is not adequate preparation!

Over the next couple of weeks I will give thoughts on how both the interviewer and the interviewee should conduct an interview.

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