Transformation Calls for Resilience

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You are an executive search professional.  Your job is to find exceptional people who can lead an organization out of one of the most disruptive periods in recent history and into a new period of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity – and opportunity.

What exactly are you looking for? Learning agility ?  Innovation? Confidence?

“Resilience,” says Alejandra Aranda. “Companies are experiencing a scenario of forced transformation. Change was underway, but the pandemic has trashed timelines.  Until we catch up, the key strategic concept is resilience.

“You do not want to get stuck in the business model that made you successful.”

Aranda is Co-Founder and  Chairman of Humanitas, Cornerstone’s member firm in Santiago, Chile. She is currently heading up a search for new Directors of the Penson Fund Administration in Chile, a global leader of social security in pensions.

To transform the business model requires a Board of Directors and an administration that speaks that language. It‘s complex. We have to generate leadership capacities in the different layers that foster the relationship between the Board of Directors and the company’s management.”

In a recent interview with the Chilean daily La Tercera, Aranda addressed the necessary characteristics identified by the Pension Fund Administrators for the Directors being sought.

 “First, we are looking for adaptability and flexibility, the ability to think differently and quickly. Leaders must grasp the need to reinvent themselves, assess and diagnose the risks,”she explained.

“In this particular case, we must also look for awareness of the social role of the company.  We need an understanding of the impact that decision-making within the Board of Directors will have on the well-being of the people and the development of the country”.

Go here to read the full interview in English

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