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Coaching: the Key to Retention and Performance

Cornerstone International Group believes that executive coaching is an indispensable component in building a competitive leadership team.

The talent challenges of today – finding the right people, engaging them, retaining them and helping them to realize their maximum potential – require a suite of support activities and tools.

In the hiring stage alone, where 40% of executives recruited move on within 18 months, why would you not mitigate that risk first through assessment and then through coaching?

The Cornerstone suite of Leadership Development Services is designed to meet these needs. None play a larger role in organizational success than Executive Coaching.

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From Onboarding Coaching for new hires to Executive Coaching for seasoned leaders, and to Coaching Skills Training for leaders and managers, these services support your team every step of the way.

Our supervised global network of qualified coaches provides consistency in delivery on an international level, while maintaining the personalized local approach that has been the hallmark of Cornerstone International Group’s executive services for over 30 years.

Cornerstone Coaches are professionally qualified and recognized by the International Coaching Federation.  The coaching processes meet and maintain Cornerstone Executive Coaching Standards as well as the Ethical Standards of the ICF.

For more information on our Executive Coaching Services, please contact our Practice Leader Laurie O’Donnell at laurie-odonnell@cornerstone-group.com

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