Executive Search in Mexico – 2021 Outlook

Mexico Adds Talent Management Tools

2020 was a very particular year, hitting one of the main engines of every economy striving to maintain sustainable employment. And although the pandemic has become part of our lives and remote work is a way of living today, the impact in the long term remains.

In Mexico, the first months of 2021 could show signs of weakness in terms of employment, mainly due to the new confinement measures in major cities (put in place before Christmas due to the second wave of COVID-19 in the country). This will forecast a slow recovery in the first quarter of the year as economic activity will continue to weaken following a rebound in the post-lockdown months.

However, the recovery of employment rates throughout the past year has been faster than expected. While economic growth could close out 2020 with falling numbers, expectations are for a better year in 2021 – depending on how quickly the vaccination program reaches the population.

In the recruiting business, virtual interviews have become the norm as will building processes and online tools for virtual onboarding. In Cornerstone Mexico, one of the ways we continue to add value for our clients is with the Business Units “CLIC” (Cornerstone Leadership & Innovation Center) and “CBA” (Career Boost Advisors).

These are core components of a program we call “The ABC of Transformation” which is based on: Awareness about our services, Brand Building, and the generation of profitable business through the Cash flow management.  With the ABC program, we create a strong value proposition for our clients not only as the Executive Search firm that has the digital capabilities to bring the best and right talent to their organizations, but also through innovative tools to empower and retain their current talent.

In 2021 we expect remote work will gradually co-exist with a return to office modes. Adjustments in Leadership will be significant as productivity will follow the right leadership that can take organizations to a great level of communication, ensuring that employees will get what they need to work, and to share work early, often, and transparently.

Cornerstone Mexico creates a significant contribution, by providing not only support in the recruiting process, but also in several talent management supporting programs such as “CLIC”; Cornerstone 4Women-Diversity & Inclusion, Coaching & Mentoring, and Change Leadership, and through CBA programs such as Outplacement to help and accelerate in career transitioning.

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