Executive Search in Chile – 2021 Outlook

Talent Search Responding to Change

The economic contraction in the LATAM countries due to Covid-19 and social crisis is is expected to continue. Thanks to the arrival of vaccines, we expect to see an improvement through the end of 2021.

Some trends that we have detected in industrial markets have had an impact in the recruitment processes, such as:

  • Changes in Commercial Strategy that should emphasize remote channels and e-commerce.
  • Changes in consumer habits.  The trend goes towards buying basic products and against consuming other products, such as luxury or clothing, travel and  leisure.

New scenario in Chile

We are facing an especially challenging scenario for organizations and society in general. Many companies have had to adopt measures in an agile way to manage this new reality.

Cornerstone Santiago/Humanitas surveyed 80 directors and CEOs of national and multinational companies of different sizes and sectors in Chile to identify these trends.

Over 60% of respondents mentioned changes in work methodologies and structures (remote work platforms, etc.), followed by changes in consumer habits (43 %) and market volatility (35%).

According to 62%, these changes have affected the way of building teams and motivating, attracting and retaining talent

Those surveyed prioritized their needs for new talent groupings as follows: Digital Intelligence / Information Technology, 56%; New businesses / Innovation, 38%; and Businesses and Clients,  35%.

Regarding the skills and abilities that are critical in the current context, the highest number of mentions were for flexibility and adaptability (48% both), followed by resilience (39%).

A majority agree that business sustainability is at greater risk now than before Covid-19.  Factors considered to have greater impact on sustainability once the “new normal” arrives are, “delivering solutions that generate added value for customers ”(63%);  “ generating positive social impact in the community” (56%); and “focusing on the general well-being of workers” (54%).

Over 60% believe recovery will still take another 6 to 12 months or more.

New approach to service

Cornerstone Santiago is making deep changes in its methodology and developing new business areas in social data analysis (Open Source Intelligence)

We are analyzing our candidates in their social media, media and public behavior using data analysis and data intelligence in order to generate a new value offer to our clients.

We provide advisory services in recruiting and assessment processes of senior executives specialized in the digital industry. The digital talent teams work with Scrum methodology, which is an agile process that allows us to focus on delivering the business value in the shortest time. It rapidly and repeatedly inspects actual working software, emphasizing accountability, teamwork, and progress toward a well-defined goal.

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