Cornerstone Düsseldorf is a boutique type of recruitment company operating out of Düsseldorf and working throughout Germany. Next to recruitment, we also offer services in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions as well as in the field of helping to find distributors. All of these activities come under the heading of “bringing the right people together.”

What is our specialty?

In particular we help companies that are not native to Germany find the staff they need. Much of our business concentrates on companies wishing to set up a business presence in Germany. For these we help find the first employees such as Country Managers, Sales Managers and other staff they might require. At times we will even help them set up a local company, find premises etc.

In the course of our nearly 25 years of existence we have searched for and found people in just about every industry and just about every position. We are therefore not only well connected in Germany, we are well versed at finding exactly the candidates you need.

Why us?

Our company is run by an American national who grew up in Germany. He is therefore not only perfectly bilingual, he has a deep understanding for various cultures and the expectations that arise from that. We therefore are particularly sensitive to finding the right candidates, that not only work well in the German culture but who can also adapt to the culture of the company that is employing him or her in order to have a perfect blend.